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132 West Main Street, Mountain City, TN, United States

Dr. Floyd Barker, DO is a male Osteopathy Doctor located in Mountain City, Tennessee.  Dr. Barker is a 1988 graduate of West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine with over 20 years of medical experience. Contact Dr. Barker’s Family Practice today to inquire about any appointment needs you may have to to gain further information about becoming a new patient.

Hours: Mon-Tues. & Thurs.-Fri. 8am-5pm / Wednesday 8am-12noon

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377 Cold Springs Road, Mountain City, TN, United States

Dr. Raina Sluder, MD is a female doctor with over 9 years of medical experience, graduating in 1998 from Ross University School Of Med. She practices Family Medicine in Mountain City, Tennessee off Cold Springs Road. Call her office today to schedule any medical appointments or to see if they are accepting new patients.

Hours: Monday-Wednesday 8am-5pm / Thursday 8am-12noon

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