Leadership Program

Tomorrow’s Leaders Made Today Through Leadership Johnson County


Leadership Johnson County prepares and motivates a diverse group of community-minded leaders through education and training. The future of Johnson County is directly tied to the quality of its leadership.

Leadership Johnson County is a program founded by the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce to identify and prepare the community’s future leadership resources. The program provides Johnson County with a network of current and emerging leaders who posses the skill and sense of commitment to improve the community.

“For additional information or questions concerning “Johnson County Leadership”, please contact us.

2014-2015 Leadership Class

“The Johnson County Leadership program is made possible by the generous support of the following businesses ad organizations: Mountain Electric Cooperative’s ‘Operation Pocket Change’; The Town of Mountain City; Johnson County Bank; Farmers State Bank; Johnson County Schools; H&R Block; Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Association of Community Leaders; and Johnson County Government”

2014-2015 Leadership:

Celeste Dunn – Director

Amanda Pierce- Assistant Director

Jeff Pardue- Chamber

Wendy Henley- Jo. Co. School System

Elena Payne- H&R Block

Pat Forrester- JCB

Heather Ward- FSB

Renee Proffitt- Jo. Co. Government

Krista Warren- OPC

Nathaniel Plyler- Town of Mtn. City

Brianna Capps- OPC

Warren Kerley- OPC

2014-2015 Photos

2013-2014 Leadership Class

2013-2014 Leadership Class: Pictured (left to right):

Front Row: Amy Lewis  Second Row: Chastity Shupe; Sherry Fritts; Laurel Corum; Amanda Mullins; Tammy Bunton; Brandy Lewis; Debbie Dunn

Back Row: Facilitator Russell Robinson; Kevin Dempsey; Jason Arnold; Seth Billingsley; Jake Greer

Not pictured: Assistance Directors; Georgia Crowell & Celeste Simcox Dunn. Director; Karla Prudhomme

2013-2014 Leadership Weekend Retreat Highlights

The new 2013-2014 Johnson County Leadership class held their annual “Leadership Weekend Retreat” at Iron Mountain Inn in Butler on September 28th, where they enjoyed a weekend of instruction, team building, and fun. Johnson County Leadership is a nine month program sponsored by the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Mountain City, Johnson County Government, area businesses, and Mountain Electric’s ‘Operation Pocket Change’, and is part of Tennessee’s 3-Star program of ‘Community Excellence’.

Johnson County Leadership seeks to identify Johnson Countian’s who exhibit leadership traits, and give them the tools necessary to become future community leaders. The Johnson County Leadership program strives to provide information, tours, and ‘hands-on’ activities in several key areas, including; Johnson County History; how city, county, and state government operates; our local education system; local agriculture; local health and human services provided; and local area businesses, as these areas provide the basis for understanding community assets and needs.

2012-2013 Leadership Class

On Saturday September 29th, the 2012-2013 Leadership class gathered at 7:30am to begin the annual Johnson County Leadership Weekend Retreat at Iron Mountain Inn in Butler, Tennessee. This annual event is the catalyst for the nine month long leadership program where individuals from various organizations, businesses, and government entities come together as virtual strangers, and leave as a cohesive and determined group of present and future community leaders. Johnson County Leadership is facilitated by the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce, and is part of Tennessee’s 3-Star Economic & Community Development program. The annual weekend retreat is facilitated by Russell Robinson who does an excellent job of laying out the various aspects of community leadership, as well as an incremental step by step process to becoming an effective community leader.


The names of the 2012-2013 Leadership Class are as follows, along with the name of their sponsors =  Tyler Erikson (JCHS Student- Sponsored by ‘Grace Springs Farms’), Tammy Fenner (County Government), Katie Sexton (JCHS Student- Sponsored by “Operation Pocket Change”), Chyenne Campbell (JCHS Student- Sponsored by “Operation Pocket Change”), Timmy Bellamy (JCHS Student- Sponsored by “Operation Pocket Change”), Timmy Dugger (Farmers State Bank), Amanda Pierce (Johnson County Bank), Celeste Dunn (J.C. Chamber of Commerce), Jason Panganiban (Town of Mtn. City), and Ryan Smith (JCHS Student- Sponsored by “TACL Grant”) –  Director: Karla Prudhomme, Assistant Director: Georgia Crowell, and  Weekend Retreat Facilitator: Russell Robinson (JC School System)

The pictures are of the entire group (minus Georgia Crowell) at the annual weekend retreat;  Russell Robinson and the 2012-2013 Leadership Class; AND fun team building exercises facilitated by the “Action Coalition’

Our program begins in September with a retreat and continues with six one-day sessions, ending with recognition of completion of the Leadership Program at the ‘ANNUAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AWARDS DINNER’, that takes place each June.

Each month has a different focus including:

  • History
  • Government
  • Business & Industry
  • Health and Social Services
  • Education
  • Tourism & Development

The sessions are conducted by leaders in their fields. In addition, field trips provide a firsthand look at important community locations.

Each year  men and women who represent a cross section of Johnson County is selected. Candidates are nominated by employers, organizations, or individuals. A selection committee reviews applications and participants are selected on the basis of their activity in the community and their potential as leaders. Participants become leaders who actively give their time and effort to our community.

Graduates have a greater understanding of our county’s business, industrial, civic and educational issues. The skills learned through Leadership Johnson County prompt graduates to act on their awareness of community issues.

Nationwide studies of leadership programs indicate graduates are active in at least one community organization.


Tuition is normally provided by sponsors, employers, or other organizations willing to help
finance this deductible expense. Limited scholarships are available.

2011-12 Leadership Alumni

Shannon Clark
Northeast Correctional Facility

Robert Sutherland
Johnson County School System

Angie Sutherland
Johnson County Bank

Dawn Roberts
Town of Mountain City

Cliff Mahala
Farmers State Bank (Group Leader)

Linda Keeble
Johnson County Community Hospital

Deidre Burgess
Johnson County High School Senior

Sean Klukan
Johnson County High School Senior

Craig Jennings
Johnson County High School Senior

Russell Robinson
Retreat Facilitator

2010-11 Leadership Alumni

Georgia Crowell
Assitant Director

Mark Lundy
City Government

Jerry Stanley
JC Chamber of Commerce

Adrian Holman-
Farmers State Bank

Donna Manuel
Johnson County Bank

Rose Rasmussen
Johnson County Education Department

Dustin Sherrin
County Government

Casey Dorenbaush
Mountain City Marketing

Chelsea Fenner

Elizabeth Dugger