Pay Pal Processing Information

Processing your Membership Application and Sponsorship Application

There are two methods for processing and paying for your Chamber Membership and any Website Sponsorship.

  • You can download either application, complete the application(s) and then mail application(s) with payment to our address.
  • You can download either application, complete the application(s), and
  1. Scan the application(s) and email them to us. Then make a payment online.
  2. Mail the application(s) to our address. Then make a payment online.

If you choose to make your payment online, then proceed to the below payment system:

Category Description Amount
1 Category One Membership Payment $25.00

2 Category Two Membership Payment $50.00

3 Category Three Membership Payment $100.00

4 Category Four Membership Payment $150.00

5 Category Five Membership Payment $200.00
6 Category Six Membership Payment $250.00

7 Category Seven Membership Payment $300.00

8 Category Eight Membership Payment $500.00

Download Member Application
Sponsorship Type Description Amount
Silver Silver Sponsorship Payment $180.00

Gold Gold Sponsorship Payment $360.00

Platinum Platinum Sponsorship Payment $540.00

Download Sponsorship Application